The rain and the cold are telling me it’s time to go home. I’m running out of cash and I can’t withdraw money with my Credit Card that isn’t accepted in most places. Spotify won’t let me connect, I can’t listen to my music. I miss home now.

I planned to do cool things today, take the ferry, see Ontario lake, stroll in a park… Instead, here I am at a Starbucks eating the same thing I eat in São Paulo. I’m not complaining! It would be a real sin otherwise! This is a luxury most people in this globalized world can’t afford. And I’m privileged! 

On the same table as me, an old man with some sort of mental condition. From time to time he stares at me and gives a half smile. He’s enjoying the free wifi. This makes me think of Brazil and how my country is so rough with the disadvantaged. That breaks my heart. News down there are so dark… I want to go back home, but I don’t want to go back to that reality. When are we ever becoming a fairer country? One that corresponds to the greatness of our music, our nature and our poor brave fighter people?

Canada, I envy you! Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, dream cities, show me your sins, please! Make me believe Brazil has a chance. Toronto rain, wash these blues away!

4 thoughts on “Rainny day at Toronto

  1. Your English is so good! I’d never really read anything you’d written. Can you please write a book?
    Love Le
    (Sorry my Portuguese isn’t good enough to write in Portuguese)


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