Save the children 

A baby picture makes my heart melt. I cry for no good reason. Life is moving on so fast, I read or watch the news and they scare me. This right tide is so awful. Where are we going, my God? And I remember I don’t believe. In the back of my mind, a song that talks about love. I think of all the writers I love and I talk to them, no, I listen to them. They are mute. They don’t know about these horrors. I never thought we would live times like this. I felt safe when I read Anne Frank, I felt safe when I read A rosa do povo, I felt safe when I read books about war times. I don’t feel safe anymore. Maybe I was never safe, maybe the world is like this War and Peace. Maybe? Certainly is. In my selfish thoughts I think I’ll be gone, I’ll be fine. But then I think of the children, of my children, of any children. And I pray to a God I don’t believe: Please, please, God, please, save us from all the hate, help us! Life is so beautiful and good, nature is so beautiful and wonderful, please help us and please take care of the children. Amem!

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